Definition of heroize in US English:



[with object]
  • Treat or represent as a hero.

    ‘the father is heroized for long forbearance’
    • ‘Even though quite explicit about the ‘violence’ of the Romans, Plutarch establishes the tradition of legitimizing and even heroizing the rape from the perspective of future history.’
    • ‘East and West became fused in the feelings and mind of the traveler who re-encountered schoolroom heroizing of Greek and Roman tradition alongside the difference made by a visit to the East.’
    • ‘But in actuality, the leading Minimalists have been hardly less heroized than prior members of the elite of art historical canons.’
    • ‘Instinctively, I resist heroizing people who have that much power.’
    • ‘Nor did anything I said attempt to heroise anyone - that is not and was never my intention.’
    • ‘The tyranny associated by Renaissance humanists with the age of chivalric knights and with the knight figure caused romances that heroize the bygone age to fall into disfavor.’
    • ‘I'm sick of the lassitude, sick of the despair and the heroising of banality.’
    • ‘Chapters three and four discuss the image of the pirate as constructed in trials and the press, showing how late seventeenth-century sea-rovers William Kidd and Henry Avery were heroized.’
    • ‘Heroic cults, involving both the alleged graves of mythical heroes and those of the heroized historical founders of new cities, are an important category of cult located in the Agora.’
    ennoble, exalt, elevate, lift up, add dignity to, dignify, add lustre to, add distinction to, enhance, increase, augment, promote, boost
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