Definition of heroic stanza in US English:

heroic stanza


  • 1A rhyming quatrain in heroic verse. Also called heroic quatrain.

    • ‘There are no public monuments or museums of note; no fierce Viking memorabilia; no heroic stanzas from Icelandic sagas etched in stone.’
    • ‘Using mock heroic stanzas and plenty of relish he relates how a Chesapeake Bay snowstorm turned back a submarine specially equipped for polar exploration, captained by an explorer who had sold his story to a publisher before even setting out.’
    • ‘It corresponds to a two line stanza in iambic pentameter; a quatrain as such would be a heroic stanza.’
    • ‘In 1659 he wrote heroic stanzas for Cromwell's memory, and then, in 1660 with Charles II on his way back (or maybe he'd already come back), ‘Astrea Redux’, which is really howling his approval for the return of Charles.’
    • ‘Well, he didn't feel for a minute these provincial audiences would pick out an inaccurate estimation of distance, misquotation of heroic stanza, mangling of genera, sub-species and vernacular.’
    1. 1.1 (in English poetry) a quatrain in iambic pentameter rhyming abab or abba.
      Compare with elegiac stanza