Definition of herniate in US English:



[no object]usually as adjective herniated
  • (of an organ) suffer a hernia.

    ‘a herniated bowel’
    • ‘It is unsettling that he discounts many physical findings, such as herniated vertebral discs and osteoarthritic changes, as being coincidental findings and not the actual etiology of the pain.’
    • ‘At least one herniated disc was identified in 20 percent of persons younger than 60 years and in 36 percent of persons older than 60 years.’
    • ‘A Victorian ladies' fainting settee broke my fall from grace and spared me from death, but not from leaving me with two herniated cervical discs.’
    • ‘These diverticula are considered false diverticula because the mucosa herniates through the esophageal muscular wall.’
    • ‘The transverse colon was herniating through the defect into the retrosternal space.’
    • ‘In addition to determining the available volume of the disc, discography is used to reproduce the symptoms associated with a possible herniated disc.’
    • ‘He suffered from tuberculosis and worked so hard that he had herniated discs and other back injuries.’
    • ‘The cerebellar tonsils were not herniated or grooved.’
    • ‘The most common problems include muscle strains, arthritis and herniated discs.’
    • ‘The left cerebellar tonsil was displaced backward, and the right cerebellar tonsil was herniated and closely apposed to the medulla.’
    • ‘In the patient with an improperly fitted ring pessary, the cervix and lower uterus can herniate through the open center of the ring and become incarcerated.’
    • ‘This condition is called a pinched nerve, slipped disc, or herniated disc.’
    • ‘Tension gastrothorax is a rare condition that occurs when the stomach (often accompanied by other normally intra-abdominal organs) herniates through a ruptured or incompetent diaphragm into the chest.’
    • ‘In women, the bladder can herniate through the vaginal wall because of obstetrical injury, then the outlet tube is kinked.’
    • ‘However, many people have herniated discs without noticing any symptoms or signs.’
    • ‘Sections through the renal pelvis showed the tumor approaching up to, but not penetrating or herniating through the pelvis wall.’
    • ‘Sometimes the center portion of the disc bursts or becomes herniated through a tear in its outer casing and pinches a nearby nerve.’
    • ‘Only fetuses most severely affected with liver herniated into the chest, diagnosis before 24 weeks, and a ratio of lung to head of less than 1.4 are eligible for treatment.’
    • ‘He is suffering from two herniated disks and was unable to play at full speed last week.’
    • ‘The UGI usually is reserved for the patient whose symptoms would suggest that the stomach and bowel might be herniating into the thoracic cavity.’