Definition of hermit crab in US English:

hermit crab


  • A crab with a soft asymmetrical abdomen, which lives in a castoff mollusk shell for protection. In several kinds the shell becomes covered with sponges, sea anemones, or bryozoans.

    Superfamily Paguroidea

    • ‘Never buy a hermit crab or support a store that sells them.’
    • ‘Track size varies depending on the size of the terrestrial hermit crab making the trace.’
    • ‘This part of the hermit crab, so poorly defended and so tempting to an enemy, is his great preoccupation; a preoccupation which can at times make him fierce.’
    • ‘Now there is evidence that at least one type of hermit crab has found another solution.’
    • ‘When I got angry, when I raised my voice at all, Elizabeth scuttled away like a hermit crab from the hungry mariner.’
    • ‘White-spotted moray eels flashed their teeth, a lone hermit crab barrelled along and three young spiny lobsters displayed themselves daringly on a ledge.’
    • ‘A close look at some of these splashes can recall, for instance, an amoeba seen under a microscope or the fossilized remains of a fish, a hermit crab or a snake.’
    • ‘While both your and your girlfriend's hearts were in the right place, please don't release your hermit crab in the wild.’
    • ‘Propose that the classroom pet be a hermit crab, turtle, lizard, snake, or fish.’
    • ‘And just as a mollusk shell once vacated may be taken over by a hermit crab, the external forms of our lives will be filled by others after we are gone.’
    • ‘Then a hermit crab marched past, holding aloft a pale anemone in its pincers as if to turn it into some sort of hat.’
    • ‘Bishop also described the attachment of a small oyster on the claw of the Lower Cretaceous hermit crab, Pagurus Fabricius.’
    • ‘From the beginning, Linux has been something of a hermit crab operating system, because it tends to inhabit boxes designed first for other operating systems.’
    • ‘This substandard home allowed me to photograph the strange, unarmoured rear of the hermit crab that is rarely seen.’
    • ‘Back in the sleep room, I was just wondering how easy it would be to get a hermit crab back through customs, when I realised I had been out cold.’
    • ‘In addition to this anemone hermit crab, scientists found several potentially new species of corals, sea stars, snails, and clams.’
    • ‘He is like the hermit crab on the shore: begging, defenseless, and without greater shelter than the evanescent translucence of a temporal shell.’
    • ‘The fossil trackway undoubtedly was produced by a terrestrial hermit crab, like those that are common in beach and dune environments in the Bahamas today.’
    • ‘So I'm plain Jonathan now, and even when I pick the armour up I recognise that before long I'll outgrow it and have to find something else - or take my chances without - like the hermit crab.’
    • ‘Amazingly, the hermit crab's body is asymmetrically twisted so that it fits snugly into the shape of the shell.’


hermit crab

/ˈhərmət ˌkræb//ˈhərmət ˌkrab/