Definition of hermetically in US English:



  • 1In a way that is completely airtight.

    ‘hermetically sealed windows help to keep out cold air’
    ‘the stopper was hermetically closed’
    • ‘It is hermetically shielded by a rubber seal so the ultrasonic vibrations do not affect other components.’
    • ‘The stopper was hermetically closed and the flask exposed for 5–60 minutes to the light from either a typical UVA tanning lamp or visible light.’
    • ‘Carefully coiled and preserved, these precious artefacts number among the many objects he presents as if in a natural history museum, helpfully labeled and hermetically sealed.’
    • ‘The prisoners were filed off to the seaports and crowded into cattle-wagons, the awnings of which, hermetically closed, let in no breath of air.’
    • ‘This is a semi-conductor power module provided with a cylindrical metallic flange that is hermetically bonded to a surface.’
    • ‘All the doors are hermetically closed and there are coded locks on each one.’
    • ‘An air-conditioning unit kept the temperature even, and the environment created the sense of a hermetically sealed unit.’
    • ‘Rather than undifferentiated space hermetically enclosed by a homogeneous skin, buildings can display different degrees of enclosure.’
    • ‘Hermetically sealed in this bio-dome city, these young citizens live a life of pleasure, but they have no free will.’
    • ‘The shroud bears the faint traces of a man's face, limbs and folded hands, visible even behind the bulletproof, hermetically sealed glass casing.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is insulated or protected from outside influences.
      ‘hermetically sealed lives cut off from society’
      ‘a hermetically closed society’
      • ‘They are an extremely hermetically closed society.’
      • ‘We should encourage it to open up its almost hermetically closed society by radically reforming its educational system.’
      • ‘I've been guilty of reinforcing it myself, waxing lyrically about the romantic melancholy and sense of decline surrounding the pewter-grey winters and the hermetically insular suburbs.’
      • ‘The story does seem hermetically contrived, as if written for the stage, yet it turns out it is based on a true story.’
      • ‘Between two writers so fiercely independent and hermetically enclosed within their own worlds, there cannot be mention of a direct influence.’
      • ‘It isn't the case that she is hermetically shielded from the public around the clock.’
      • ‘His readings of Poe and Douglass are more hermetically isolated.’
      • ‘There is no safe, hermetically enclosed fictive world.’
      • ‘They are hermetically closed off.’
      • ‘His work remained hermetically anonymous.’