Definition of hermaphroditism in US English:


(also hermaphrodism)


  • See hermaphrodite

    • ‘Sequential hermaphroditism (functioning as male during one life phase and as female during another) is common in marine fishes, with protogyny (sex change from female to male) predominating.’
    • ‘She started as a historian of science, working on the history of medical treatment of hermaphroditism (now called intersex).’
    • ‘This is largely because doctors avoid using the terms hermaphroditism or intersexuality around intersexuals and their parents.’
    • ‘Davis claims that hermaphroditism in polar bears and alligators shows that PCBs and various man-made ‘environmental estrogens’ account for reduced human sperm counts and may threaten the future of the human race.’
    • ‘In evolutionary terms, hermaphroditism is thus twice as efficient a reproductive strategy as sex.’