Definition of herewith in US English:



  • With this letter.

    ‘I send you herewith fifteen dollars’
    • ‘As requested by Gleeds Project Managers, I enclose herewith one copy of the Memorandum of Agreement duly signed by myself.’
    • ‘Just for the heck of it (and to see if anyone understands this) - herewith the only Afrikaans poem I've ever written, short and sweet.’
    • ‘Oddly enough, a book titled Mountains of the Mind by Robert Macfarlane was recently published, reminding me of this old essay, herewith presented from the dusty stacks.’
    • ‘I draw you attention to a letter dated July 9, 1998, sent to you by Dr. C. T. Kurien, Editor, Review of Development and Change, a copy of which is enclosed herewith.’
    • ‘To get that acrid taste out of our brains, herewith, our woman's edition of honoring National Poetry Month by actually reading some poetry.’
    • ‘At long last, No Matter What You Heard has reviewed the year in music and herewith presents to you, dear reader, its Top 10 albums of 2002.’
    • ‘Please find enclosed herewith a copy of the expert report.’
    • ‘I am sending you herewith an article discussing the effect of the current bear market on the future of the mutual fund industry.’
    • ‘Maybe it's just me, but I think John Leonard wrote this review of ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ while on some sort of mind-altering drug - herewith a sample paragraph.’
    • ‘We should all be prepared to defend them from that kind of contemptuous dismissal as exemplified by that venerable battleax of the right, Dorothy Rabinowitz; herewith a small sample.’
    • ‘Under the category of ‘It's the Internet and you can't stop me,’ I herewith present a piece of artwork I drew last week.’
    • ‘Gentlemen, herewith I enclose a list of some of the churches built with Hummelstown brownstone throughout, furnished by the Hummelstown Brownstone Company within 20 years, and most of them within the last 6 years.’
    • ‘We have now completed our general average adjustment in this case and enclose herewith a copy for your attention.’
    • ‘I am herewith sending you the course material for your information.’
    • ‘True copies of all of the said documents are produced and shown to me and are exhibited herewith in a bundle marked KDA 1.’
    • ‘A copy of the letter sent by facsimile transmission to Ms Leighton is enclosed herewith for your information.’
    • ‘So herewith from the Louis Vuitton 2001 city guide.’
    • ‘Further to my telephone conversation with John Martin yesterday afternoon, I enclose herewith a copy of the relevant section of our Agreement in respect of works at Churchill Gardens Estate.’
    • ‘What I am sending herewith must be final draft for now, everything presses on ahead.’
    • ‘Since Ms. Saunders apparently missed Introductory Economics in college, herewith a very brief primer on the effects of price controls in consumer credit markets.’