Definition of heretically in US English:



  • See heretical

    • ‘And yet, heretically, I have lots of sympathy with newspapers' attempts to be all things to as many readers as possible.’
    • ‘And we would be debating whether the midfield should be changed or not and wondering heretically if big Jock Stein had come too late to the management of the Scottish team.’
    • ‘What if Michelangelo's famous panel illustrated ‘man’ being let go by God, or, heretically, even man ‘letting go’ of God?’
    • ‘Though Prada is undoubtedly technically sophisticated, you wonder, slightly heretically, if a mere boutique merits such a concentrated application of resources and architectural imagination.’
    • ‘When Nicholas wrote to the Bulgarians attacking Greek practices, Photius replied by accusing the West of heretically altering the creed in saying that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and from the Son.’