Definition of hereditarily in US English:



  • See hereditary

    • ‘De Lacy remarks that the Tyranny lasted so long because the English, hereditarily obsessed with money, tolerate outrageous corruption and arbitrary rule so long as their commercial activities are permitted.’
    • ‘Towards the tenth century there is an increasing tendency for these countships to be hereditarily vested in a particular family and to be associated also with the land held by the count.’
    • ‘And migraine is a disease that just is more prevalent hereditarily in women.’
    • ‘If an hereditarily deaf person deliberately chooses to marry another such, they are likely to have deaf children and no one outside Nazi Germany would dream of trying to prevent them.’
    • ‘Lets imagine, and some of you reading this may be in a position to identify anyway, that you have had three children, all boys, who died after leading a less than good quality of life, from an illness only boys, can hereditarily get.’