Definition of hereditament in English:



  • 1Any item of property, either a corporeal hereditament (such as land or a building) or an incorporeal hereditament (such as a rent or a right of way).

    • ‘The 1924 Contract was never, so far as is known, completed by the formal legal transfer of the lands and hereditaments comprised in it.’
    • ‘The Confederacy would therefore now seize all ‘lands, hereditaments, goods and chattels, rights and credits’ owned by Northern citizens in the South.’
    • ‘I have discovered that on these, the boundaries of hereditaments were often carelessly delineated and only outlined with coloured crayon.’
    • ‘Corporeal hereditaments are physical objects: the physical land and its attachments.’
    • ‘‘Land’ includes a rent or other incorporeal hereditament.’
    heritage, inheritance, birthright
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    1. 1.1 An item of inheritance.
      bequest, bequeathal, legacy, inheritance
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Late Middle English: from medieval Latin hereditamentum, from ecclesiastical Latin hereditare ‘inherit’, from Latin heres, hered- ‘heir’.