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  • 1From now on.

    ‘nothing I say hereafter is intended to relate to the second decision’
    • ‘This was followed by an emergency phone call from a friend, hereafter referred to as Hope, who requested my assistance at her luxury gym in the city.’
    • ‘Berry, in one of his more inspired name changes, decided Morris would hereafter be called Little Stevie Wonder.’
    • ‘It was only when characters were cut out, and hereafter scarcely mentioned again, or didn't develop any more depth than their introduction allowed, that I found I began to lose interest.’
    • ‘The aim of both Sikhism and Advaitic Hinduism is not to secure heaven or even a better life in the next birth, but to secure happiness here and now and attainment of the supreme One, Parabrahma, infinite Bliss hereafter.’
    • ‘Formerly a valued annual feature in the Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association, ‘Lincolniana’ now migrates and settles here, where we hope it will reappear annually hereafter.’
    • ‘Each year hereafter, I hope to make it more and more believable.’
    • ‘I will hereafter refer to it in the singular, so as to avoid having to recount exactly which one was pointed at what at any given moment.’
    • ‘It's a positive trend locally and obviously it's one we hope will be repeated over Bank Holiday weekends hereafter.’
    • ‘References hereafter are included in the main text, abbreviated to A and page number.’
    • ‘The interaction between the VJ and the visitors will be hereafter live in the programme to be beamed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.’
    • ‘2003 January-February: Robert installs spyware in Nancy's laptop; hereafter, Robert monitors her email.’
    • ‘Another timid miscreant, just before he is sent off to prison, has so far stepped out of reality and into legend that he asks to be known hereafter as ‘The Lonesome Kid’.’
    • ‘At last, a simple solution has dawned on the hospital management: The 30 theatre nurses will hereafter be made to take vacation during the year, rather than in the busy Christmas season.’
    • ‘Speaking to The Hindu, the Medak SP, B.L. Sujatha Rao, said all the three Rakshak vehicles would hereafter have a breath analyser each and a Dragon searchlight in working condition.’
    • ‘The expansion and establishment of new software companies should hereafter be permitted in northern part of Bangalore.’
    • ‘Note, these are not representative of the opinions of the complete single individual hereafter known as Simon, but rather a highly opinionated and vocal faction of the individual's resident personalities.’
    • ‘To extend the benefit of technological developments in the banking industry to rural India, the existing Kisan Credit Card will hereafter be modified, upon individual request, for use on ATM machines, wherever such facility exists.’
    • ‘The military and naval branches of our Government give serious consideration to the 25 supervisory, administrative, and organizational principles hereafter set forth.’
    • ‘Pursue the option to close the library and they will be regarded for generations hereafter as a latter-day equivalent of those who chose to make the house of God a den of thieves rather than a house of prayer for all nations.’
    • ‘The collections of the Museum, particularly those in the Bronze Gallery, will hereafter be in a new kind of showcase, and an audio-visual room with a multi-media projector will be set up.’
    from now on, after this, as of now, from this day on, from this time on, from this moment forth, from this day forth, from this day forward, subsequently, in future, in the future, hence, henceforth, henceforward
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    1. 1.1 At some time in the future.
      ‘this court is in no way prejudging any such defense which may hereafter be raised’
      • ‘Agassiz believes this to be a universal law of nature; and we may hope hereafter to see the law proved true.’
      • ‘Shortly hereafter, we discover that Rogue Avon's nemesis is his half brother.’
      • ‘The deliberative orator is concerned with the future: it is about things to be done hereafter that he advises, for or against.’
      • ‘So far as Appeal 1 is concerned, as we see it at the moment, there are perhaps three headings upon which we would seek permission to appeal and which we would like to raise hereafter.’
      • ‘And I think the Palestinian leader today was very clear about the deeds he is going to accomplish, not only in the next few days but hereafter.’
      • ‘The scene will compel the low and middle income groups to give up their dream of owning independent houses hereafter.’
      • ‘If hereafter I go to other courts in Germany or in any other part of Europe, something of this sort is necessary as a court dress.’
      • ‘Anyone who praises Nanfang Weekend News hereafter is a shill!’
      • ‘This means two changes in the law: one is a repeal of the Rent Act, or if that is not considered practical, an amendment that ensures that rent control does not apply to any tenancies created hereafter, whether in new buildings or old.’
      • ‘Reveal not every secret you have to a friend, for how can you tell but that friend may hereafter become an enemy.’
      • ‘In such cases, as the falling inflection is required in the former part by the principle of contrast and emphasis (as will hereafter be more fully explained), the sentence necessarily closes with the rising inflection.’
      • ‘The aspiration for democracy went hand in hand with the need for information: new MPs, supported by many progressive industrialists, initiated a reform of the Public Accounts, as we will see hereafter.’
    2. 1.2 After death.
      ‘a sermon about hope of life hereafter’
      • ‘They will have to answer for their actions if not here certainly hereafter.’
      • ‘What characterises it is the fact that strong or weak, saints or sinners, the members believe in God, and look to the death and resurrection of Christ for their help here and hereafter.’
      • ‘Make the most of the two worlds, the world you have graced with your arrival, and the world hereafter you are preordained to return to.’
      • ‘When an eternal life hereafter is viewed as the final human goal, then trouble and strife in this life take something of a back seat.’
      • ‘Because we were born by mere chance, and hereafter we shall be as though we had never been; because the breath in our nostrils is smoke, and reason is a spark kindled by the beating of our hearts.’
      • ‘Religion, meanwhile, has had one of its main props, the promise of better things hereafter, kicked away.’
      • ‘They prayed God would forgive their faults and, for their hopes hereafter, they relied on God's mercy pleaded in the Eucharistic memorial of Christ's redemption and on the intercession of the Church both living and departed.’
      • ‘We place our trust in God almighty, and mostly for hereafter, not here.’
      • ‘The fearsome figure - astride a buffalo with menacing horns - is Lord Yamadharma, the ultimate arbiter of your life here and hereafter.’


the hereafter
  • Life after death.

    ‘suffering is part of our preparation for the hereafter’
    • ‘Now Aussie men generally are paranoid about all snakes whether venomous or not and believe it is their God given duty to bludgeon them all to death at every opportunity, or blast them into the hereafter with shotguns.’
    • ‘The elaborate funeral rites of Bubis show their belief in the hereafter (life after death) and in reincarnation (return to life in another form).’
    • ‘The poem is a reaction to a conversation with a friend about life, death, the hereafter.’
    • ‘Cleric Roy himself before he was arrested was not contesting the core tenets of Islam - the belief in one God and fate, the Prophet Muhammad, shalat, and faith in the hereafter.’
    • ‘In fact, anyone claiming they get it after only one viewing is either a professor of quantum physics, a bold-faced liar or a visitor from the hereafter.’
    • ‘There are some who believe that our lives are nevertheless better than those of our detractors, since we have Islam, which imposes suffering in this life but only as the price for bliss in the hereafter.’
    • ‘Life on earth, he declares, is but a preparation for the hereafter.’
    • ‘I wish the leaders led us to a path that led to heaven here and now without waiting for the hereafter.’
    • ‘Judge Raymond Bennett issued a warrant for his arrest as victims told how they believed he deserved punishment in this world - but would have even more to answer in the hereafter.’
    • ‘We know we'll see her again whether in this life or the hereafter.’
    • ‘As to those who see Hepburn, Hope and Peck's shuffling off into the hereafter as the absolute end of old Tinseltown, I felt that way when Robert Mitchum and Jimmy Stewart hung up their spurs within 24 hours of each other.’
    • ‘My mother is always with me, and I hope always will be, even into the hereafter, wherever that may be.’
    • ‘So, given these poor ratios, how can students realistically receive decent instruction in those subjects, let alone a balanced view of the demands of life in this world and those of life in the hereafter?’
    • ‘Even though most Westerners are religious, and profess to believe in the hereafter, they still see death as a terrible wrenching away of someone they love.’
    • ‘Do Jews believe in the hereafter such as life after death?’
    • ‘The political task at the moment is to reflect on how this God-given agency can be best employed in creating a society that will bring welfare and the good life to people in the here and now and in the hereafter.’
    • ‘Everything an individual does and thinks must be conditioned by the incommensurability of these two scales of time: the brief ‘moment’ of my life and the eternity of the hereafter.’
    • ‘The coldly aloof Paradise Lake has been so named, we were convinced, because whoever fell in would be teleported, instantly deep-frozen, into the hereafter!’
    • ‘The attraction of Islam is how to live this life and to be prepared for the hereafter.’
    • ‘I wanted him properly prepared for the hereafter.’
    life after death, the afterlife, the life to come, the afterworld, the next world, the beyond
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