Definition of here we are in US English:

here we are


  • Said on arrival at one's destination.

    • ‘However, after all the frustration, here we are and I thank you for your patience and continued support.’
    • ‘And so here we are at Lagavulin, exhilarated by our journey and safely anchored with drinks in hand.’
    • ‘So here we are, surrounded by freshly plowed fields and yapping farm dogs in the distance.’
    • ‘But here we are, through to the FA Cup quarter-finals and we've got a home draw for good measure.’
    • ‘We had hoped that one day it would happen and suddenly here we were.’
    • ‘So here we are, on some ghastly winter morning in a glass and concrete office block on the North Circular.’
    • ‘Jenson, here we are at the British Grand Prix and you are on the front row.’
    • ‘So here we are with all this technology and scientific knowledge at our disposal - what should we do?’
    • ‘So here we are at another election and none of it is very inspiring.’
    • ‘And here we are, waterbussed to Academia for a sublime platter of Venetian antipasti.’