Definition of here goes in US English:

here goes


  • An expression indicating that one is about to start something difficult or exciting.

    • ‘It's probably foolish to make presumptions about a relationship after spending only 90 minutes with a couple, but here goes.’
    • ‘Things like this can be difficult to understand or explain, but here goes.’
    • ‘I'm not one to hide how astoundingly stupid I can be, so here goes.’
    • ‘I had no ideas about what to post and readership falls on weekends anyway, but I know some folks do surf blogs on the weekend, so here goes.’
    • ‘There are limits to how far one can sensibly conduct a debate with a dogmatist - the politest synonym I can find for bigot - but here goes.’
    • ‘Still, a bunch of bloggers with cameras are having fun with it so here goes: Ask your readers to think of three photos they'd like to see posted to your blog.’
    • ‘Pundits are expected to have opinions, to say bold things, so here goes: Britain will never give up the pound for the euro.’
    • ‘Okay so at the risk of appearing to do a back-flip here goes.’
    • ‘Anyway, here goes with a few real-world simple objections.’
    • ‘Yet, I hesitate to tell you the main plot because you'll think this exciting novel dull, but here goes.’