Definition of here and now in US English:

here and now


  • At this very moment; at the present time.

    ‘we're going to settle this here and now’
    as noun ‘our obsession with the here and now’
    • ‘He's catapulted into old age to experience the last days of his life, and the teenage hellion he once was turns up in the here and now.’
    • ‘This is not true as I am still here and I would like to put the record straight about this here and now.’
    • ‘Let me state here and now that I will not purchase black bags so that the council's bin men can take away the garbage from my home.’
    • ‘It is a preoccupation, keeping the individual from being totally present, in the here and now.’
    • ‘Most of us have no idea how to be present, just here and now, without thinking of the past or planning the future.’
    • ‘I drift in and out of the here and now, seesawing my attention between my immediate environment and my thoughts.’
    • ‘His intention in doing the exercise was to become more present in the here and now, more active and energised and alive.’
    • ‘Of course, questions should be asked about past maintenance, but that will not solve the hazard posed here and now.’
    • ‘In such an environment, it is hard to resist living purely for the here and now, for our own immediate fulfilment.’
    • ‘However, the whole of UK industry is wrestling with the weaknesses of our transport system here and now.’
    now, at the moment, at present, just now, right now, at the present time, at the present moment, at this time, at this moment in time, currently
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here and now

/ˌhir ən ˈnou//ˌhɪr ən ˈnaʊ/