Definition of herder in US English:



  • A person who looks after a herd of livestock or makes a living from keeping livestock, especially in open country.

    ‘they are nomadic cattle herders by tradition’
    • ‘Of the country's two and a half million people, nearly half remain nomadic livestock herders.’
    • ‘The tenants-at-will were the tillers of the soil and herders of cattle.’
    • ‘When the system was broken up and the national herd divided between herders who had worked in the communities, no one took up these responsibilities.’
    • ‘Hill-slope enclosures may have been occupied by livestock herders who used the gaps between the ramparts to corral animals.’
    • ‘They were sheep and cattle herders in the main with some measure of agricultural development.’
    • ‘Nomadic herders divide their herds into two parts - lactating and non-lactating - in times of stress.’
    • ‘They traveled like this for several hours, walking in order to let the cattle and the herders catch up with them a little.’
    • ‘Thanks to the Fulani cattle herders, fresh milk and yogurt are common even though there may not be refrigeration.’
    • ‘African herders rely on cattle for food and other basic needs, and as beasts of burden.’
    • ‘Big Brent assigned night herders to watch the herd.’
    • ‘The Tutsi were originally cattle herders, although much of the labor of caring for their cattle was done by the Hutu.’
    • ‘The coexistence of cattle herders and agriculturalist in many areas carries a high potential for conflict.’
    • ‘Most Mauritanians work as farmers, cattle herders, or traders.’
    • ‘Cattle herders eventually managed to guide it back along the route.’
    • ‘These herders move their livestock over long distances in search of grass.’
    • ‘Set in the final years of the Wild West, the film tells the story of four cattle herders who help locals in a remote town to rid themselves of a ruthless rancher.’
    • ‘When the British arrived, the people in Zambia were farmers and/or cattle herders.’
    • ‘Generally, women are important in farming and the local food trade, while cattle herders and wage laborers are usually men.’
    • ‘The species is desired by nomadic livestock herders for harvesting.’
    • ‘The Bahima are cattle herders and the Bairu are farmers who also care for goats and sheep.’