Definition of herbalist in US English:



  • 1A practitioner of herbalism.

    • ‘Anyone can set up as an equine herbalist, physiotherapist, aromatherapist or nutritionist.’
    • ‘You may also want to consider seeking the advice of an herbalist, naturopath or other natural health practitioner.’
    • ‘Indigenous African religious practitioners included herbalists and diviners who attended to the spiritual needs and maladies of both individuals and communities.’
    • ‘Ghana was chosen primarily for its rich historical and valued tradition of herbal medicine and for ease of access to practicing herbalists.’
    • ‘Another way to help you get to the root of the problem is to find a qualified homeopath or medical herbalist.’
    • ‘After my first year practicing as a medical herbalist I sent a questionnaire to all my patients to audit the result of my treatments, of which 70% replied.’
    • ‘The alternative therapists approached included an acupuncturist, an aromatherapist, a medical herbalist, a chiropractor, a reflexologist, and a homoeopathic practitioner.’
    • ‘Throughout the century, homeopathists, herbalists, practitioners of electro-magnetism, and other unorthodox healers continued to attract patients and test the reach of the law.’
    • ‘‘You can't start isolating compounds from foods and treating them as drugs,’ says Brigitte Mars, herbalist and author of ‘Natural First Aid.’’
    • ‘This lineage includes village healers, community midwives, and family herbalists.’
    • ‘All interviews took place at the practices of the traditional herbalists.’
    • ‘My name's Nancy Beckham, and I've been a practising herbalist and naturopath for about 25 years.’
    • ‘For many, it has been found to be effective for safely expelling gallstones but you might want to check with your herbalist, doctor or another qualified health practitioner before undergoing such a program.’
    • ‘Ryan Drum, PHD has been a professional wildcrafter, herbal educator, and practicing medical herbalist for over 20 years after a successful career as an academic research scientist.’
    • ‘She sees her ability to bridge different worlds, such as that of herbalist and botanist, as the result of an interdisciplinary approach not offered by science, taxonomy, religion, or nature on its own.’
    • ‘Pharmaca's stores are staffed with naturopathic doctors, nurses, nutritionists, herbalists, homeopaths and aestheticians.’
    • ‘He is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist practicing in Tahoe City, California.’
    • ‘Many people still consult native healers, including witch doctors, voodoo practitioners, and herbalists.’
    • ‘There are plenty of herbal books and practicing herbalists that can educate a layperson about contraindications.’
    • ‘The first speaker, Amy Lee, is an Iroquois writer and herbalist.’
    1. 1.1 A dealer in medicinal herbs.
      • ‘Relatively few hike this last stretch, up through the ‘Seas of Azaleas’ past more herbalists, tea stalls and walking stick vendors.’
      • ‘Lawrence Hool, 55, owner of Hool's herbalist stall in the Market Hall, said it would be a ‘devastating blow for Bolton’ if the plans were approved.’
      • ‘Preparations made from this herb have become hugely popular as a treatment for mild forms of depression, as St John's wort has found its way out of specialist herbalists and onto the shelves of high street chemists.’
      • ‘Usually such female employment was an extension of household tasks - domestic servants, hairdressers, linen drapers, seamstresses, herbalists, and petty retailers of fruit, eggs and butter.’
      • ‘Helen Young, a herbalist at Herbie's Herbs in Toronto, says the best approach, before you go taking any chemicals or supplements, is to check for nutritional difficulties and adjust your diet accordingly.’
      • ‘Today you can source soapwort from herbalists, some heath food stores and herb specialty shops, or purchase it mail order from Newton's Pharmacy.’
      • ‘That's why in some countries, there is a clear difference between the pharmacies which are thought to sell conventional medicines and the herbalists' shops supposed to handle phytodrugs.’
      • ‘Poke into an herbalist's shop, a bustling food market, and a traditional lei stand, and begin to distinguish the heady perfume of flowers from tuberose and ginger.’
    2. 1.2archaic An early botanical writer.
      • ‘The herbalist John Gerard said it is ‘white, moist, and tough, serving very well for ropes, traces, and halters’.’