Definition of heraldic in US English:



  • Relating to heraldry.

    • ‘The heraldic devices of the lancet tops and in the tracery lights represent other of Louis's and Francoise's possessions and ancestors.’
    • ‘These liveries came to be distinguished by heraldic insignia and emblems.’
    • ‘On the old motte a great keep or tower house was raised, emblazoned with an imposing heraldic panel carrying the Percy Lion.’
    • ‘Sprightly angels support Francoise's massive, floating, upright heraldic device, while mournful lions stoop to stabilize Louis's drooping shield.’
    • ‘Worn with military uniform are government decorations, insignia, distinctive devices and other military heraldic symbols established under prescribed regulations.’
    • ‘But it is chiefly on sculpture and architecture that ornamental devices act as cartouches for heraldic display.’
    • ‘The book translates and compiles two older emblem books (a French and an Italian one), showing highly conventional emblems, mostly weapons, armour and various heraldic signs.’
    • ‘They also relate to the erased heraldic ornament, and finally to the special significance that the subject-matter of the engraving might have had for their first owner.’
    • ‘Here were the main exhibits, gathered with infinite care and attention to their heraldic significance.’
    • ‘Certainly, heraldry was known and studied in America at the time of the Revolution, as is indicated by the relatively large number of surviving silver and ceramic pieces with heraldic devices on them.’
    • ‘It's the first month of the first year of secondary school, I'm eleven, and I've got a bad pageboy haircut and an ill-fitting green blazer emblazoned with a school heraldic crest that looks like a lion being sick.’
    • ‘Her heraldic device was distinguished from the many others sprinkled throughout the window by its larger scale and unusual format.’
    • ‘I wonder whether some standardised form of description, akin to heraldic blazon, will gradually emerge.’
    • ‘This type of pun is of course frequent in heraldic rebuses, but these almost invariably stand for personal names, although they can sometimes be identical with place names; a few also relate to dedications.’
    • ‘The front of the shirts has the City's heraldic emblem of rampant boars head on a turret embossed with the white rose of Yorkshire.’
    • ‘With his quiet colours he moderates the dazzle and grandeur found in the still-life pictures of his contemporary, which are as bright as heraldic blazonings.’
    • ‘On the wings of the building are heraldic emblems of the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh.’
    • ‘The anonymity guaranteed by the helm, worn on the battlefield and for the tournament, led to the adoption by knights of crests atop their helms - personal devices unique to them and one of the earliest of heraldic symbols.’
    • ‘Well before the Renaissance, the new men were buying up land, seizing cities, glorifying themselves with new titles and heraldic blazons.’
    • ‘Four heraldic beasts - two stags, a lion and a griffin - stand guard at a stone staircase opposite the coffin.’