Definition of hepatotoxic in US English:



  • Damaging or destructive to liver cells.

    • ‘Thus, clinicians may consider regimens with fewer potentially hepatotoxic agents in patients with advanced or unstable liver disease, and expert consultation is advisable in treating such patients.’
    • ‘Patients two to 21 years of age with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who are receiving hepatotoxic chemotherapy are being recruited for a second phase randomized pilot trial of silymarin.’
    • ‘When he discovered, in 1954, that dimethylnitrosamine was hepatotoxic he noticed that the poisoned livers contained enlarged cells similar to those seen in veno-occlusive disease.’
    • ‘However, in such patients hepatotoxic reactions to antituberculosis therapy may be more common and should therefore be anticipated.’
    • ‘Many herbal remedies are potentially hepatotoxic, and only milk thistle can be used safely in patients who have chronic liver disease.’