Definition of Henrician in US English:



  • Relating to the reign and policies of Henry VIII of England.

    • ‘Little excavation has yet taken place on such sites, but at Camber Castle, one of the Henrician forts, it showed a rapid succession of plan changes, as engineers struggled to find a solution to the menace of artillery.’
    • ‘Although examinations of Henrician literature and propaganda are hardly new, Warner adds an interesting twist - that Henry was himself directing the literary campaign.’
    • ‘More's oblique criticism of the extravagance of the Henrician court became a blueprint for social reformers.’
    • ‘For the post-Reformation English Catholic community owed everything to Henrician and Marian survivalism, and relatively little to the missions of seminary priests and Jesuits after 1570.’
    • ‘For all his ruthlessness, Cromwell gave away a hostage to fortune by his efforts to propel Henrician religious policy in a moderately Protestant direction.’