Definition of hempseed in English:



  • The seed of hemp, particularly as used for fishing bait.

    • ‘In Summer we would trot with hempseed to catch good bags of roach and dace.’
    • ‘But that didn't stop an officer who works at Cannon Air Force Base from becoming concerned when he saw hempseed lotions for sale in town.’
    • ‘The ancient Greeks used to eat fried hempseed, and it has continued to be used as food until the present day in Poland and the Volga region of Russia, where oil pressed from the seeds was also used for cooking.’
    • ‘We'll wear hemp outfits and feast on hempseed snacks.’
    • ‘Vinaigrettes can be made with all sorts of different oils, from the obvious olive or sunflower to macadamia, avocado or hempseed.’
    • ‘Called shelled hempseed, the new product is simply hempseed with its outer shell removed so that the THC-containing adherents are removed and discarded with the shell.’
    • ‘For people who are healthy and who just want a good balance of fats, oils from flaxseed, hempseed, pumpkin-seed, evening primrose and borage are fine.’
    • ‘Out has gone hempseed and maggots or casters, to be replaced by pellets.’
    • ‘I recommend that those prone to dry skin take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed or hempseed oil each day.’
    • ‘Fish it in conjunction with a blockend feeder filled with a mixture of micro-pellets and cooked hempseed for a day to remember.’