Definition of hemicylindrical in US English:



  • Having the shape of half a cylinder (divided lengthways).

    • ‘Set up a diode laser and a hemicylindrical acrylic prism to observe the phenomenon of total internal refraction.’
    • ‘The wrapping straps are attached so that when they are engaged, they align the two hemicylindrical forms to form a single cylinder.’
    • ‘Affected individuals have characteristic facial manifestations that include a long narrow facies, a broad hemicylindrical nose, with lack of alar flare, and a thin upper vermilion.’
    • ‘The ceiling is hemicylindrical in shape and is about 30 metres off the floor.’
    • ‘From early accounts onward, the microscopic structure of the edge has been envisioned as a rounded, hemicylindrical rim of hydrophilic headgroups that protects the hydrophobic bilayer interior from contact with water.’