Definition of hematopoiesis in US English:


(British haematopoiesis)


  • another term for hemopoiesis
    • ‘The latter participate in numerous morphogenetic and physiological events, including hematopoiesis, through synergistic interactions with other transcriptional activators.’
    • ‘A side effect of such therapy is bone marrow suppression that adversely affects the patient's ability to generate hematopoiesis.’
    • ‘These organs may become enlarged because they are trying to produce extra blood cells, a process called extramedullary hematopoiesis.’
    • ‘We have already discussed the stem cells that are responsible for hematopoiesis, generation of neural cells, and renewal of the epidermis and the gut lining.’
    • ‘Chronic clonal disorders of hematopoiesis are usually classified as either myeloproliferative disorder or myelodysplastic syndrome.’