Definition of hematoblast in US English:



  • An immature blood cell.

    • ‘Textbooks of hematology give credit for the description and naming of the hematoblast to Georges Hayem, from France, often addressed as the father of hematology.’
    • ‘In general, a filtering instrument can be used to separate the blood cells into leukocytes, erythrocytes, hematoblasts and serums according to the size of the blood cells, but the filtering instrument is too big and expensive.’
    • ‘It influences the metabolism of fat and peanut alkene, resists the inflammation and the agglutination of hematoblasts, prevents allergic symptoms.’
    • ‘It also contains anti-thrombus elements, and promotes the performance of high-density lipoprotein, resistance to angiospasm, and hematoblast concentration reduction.’
    • ‘Due to the abnormal metabolism of the hematoblasts in the blood,blood coagulation generally takes longer for an irregular patient such as a hemophiliac or a patient with problem of liver function.’