Definition of hematein in US English:



  • A reddish-brown crystalline dye obtained from logwood and used as a stain and indicator.

    Chemical formula C₁₆H₁₂O₆

    • ‘Both hematoxylin and hematein are still commonly used for bacteriological and histological stains.’
    • ‘The yellow color of glycogen is difficult to explain, but it may be due to unmordanted hematein.’
    • ‘This is the HCK S grade of hematein, manufactured to specific values for this important use.’
    • ‘The extract from the heartwood is not a dye until it undergoes oxidation into hematein, which is an acid chromogen.’
    • ‘Commercial extract of logwood extracted from the wood by boiling water contains both hematoxylin and hematein.’