Definition of helping hand in US English:

helping hand


a helping hand
  • Assistance.

    ‘she was always ready to lend a helping hand’
    • ‘Are Hansons' ghosts likely to give Howard another helping hand come the 2004 election?’
    • ‘But the City keeper will give his old club no helping hand at Blundell Park tomorrow.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Ryder Cup hero Paul McGinley got the helping hand he was looking for to give himself a chance of victory.’
    • ‘Quinn followed her, lending her no helping hand.’
    • ‘And, to the extent that fate sometimes lends a quirky, helping hand, relief may come from an unlikely source.’
    • ‘All the donations are distributed by the Rotary Clubs, who take a list of people who need an extra helping hand this Christmas.’
    • ‘We need a kickstart, we need to be given a helping hand and we appeal to you to offer that helping hand.’
    • ‘Instead, he should lend another helping hand to the organization, coming up with another one of his multi-team trades.’
    • ‘Some said it fostered a feeling of brotherhood, and, that like any helping hand, could bring the two nations closer.’
    • ‘Spirituality in medicine is more about the genuine compassion, presence and the helping hand we offer our patients than the specific questions we choose to ask.’
    • ‘Personally I would like you to respond to my comments and give me an adult's helping hand in understanding this political mess.’
    • ‘Many of his colleagues in that administration were avid to extend the helping hand of government into family relationships.’
    • ‘It is the death of an ideal that made this country great - a fair go for all, our mateship and compassion in extending that helping hand.’
    • ‘It is a budget that brings hope for people who need that helping hand.’
    • ‘‘The understanding on the field and the helping hand they extend off it is making me completely comfortable here,’ he gushes.’
    • ‘A joint enterprise would give Siemens the helping hand it needs to make next generation handsets for the European market.’
    • ‘And the fundraising champion has been given another helping hand from a local gym, who have vowed to sponsor him with a personal trainer for a year.’
    • ‘I accept that he has had trouble reading it, and I will give him another helping hand.’
    • ‘Mayors are to be told the Government is withdrawing the helping hand it has given them to cover their debts.’
    • ‘Richard and I believe in giving that helping hand to those that otherwise might struggle to overcome inequalities.’


helping hand

/ˈhelpiNG hand/