Definition of Hellene in US English:



  • 1An ancient Greek.

    • ‘The taboo of the number 13 predates Christ and the Templars, though, as well as the Norse - the Hellenes had it, for instance.’
    • ‘The civilization on the mainland was founded by people called the Hellenes.’
    • ‘The ancient Greeks called themselves the Hellenes.’
    • ‘Similarly, racism has, as we all know, been around since the Hellenes started referring to all non-Greek speakers as barbarians.’
    • ‘He had always wanted to write a classical work, a history book, something worthy of the old Hellenes he chose as masters.’
    • ‘I wouldn't go as far as to suggest that the Romans were nothing but a copy of the Greeks - that would be tantamount to asserting the genius of the Hellenes and imitative nature of the Romans.’
    • ‘It is important to emphasize, then, that ancient Greece was not a state: the Greeks referred to themselves as Hellenes.’
    • ‘Now in those days the god Thamus was the king of the whole country of Egypt; and he dwelt in that great city of Upper Egypt which the Hellenes call Egyptian Thebes, and the god himself is called by them Ammon.’
    • ‘These people were ‘kin to the Hellenes, the Italiots, the Celts, the Germanic peoples and the Slavs'.’
    • ‘There is Olympus, abode of the gods of two worlds, Hellenes and Romans, and inspiration to philosophers of myriad ages and cultures.’
    1. 1.1 A native of modern Greece (chiefly in the title of the now exiled royal family)
      ‘the King of the Hellenes’
      • ‘They have always called themselves Hellenes and Greece is Hellas.’
      • ‘One is a Greek not because he is a Hellene by birth; indeed many of Greek parentage have abandoned their identities and disappeared into the American mainstream.’
      • ‘Though a Hellene, I cannot side with the Greek lawyers.’
      • ‘The colourful Hellenes are viewed with interest by many in Greek society but largely ridiculed by the media.’
      • ‘Then there is the youngest of the three princesses, Queen Anne-Marie of the Hellenes.’
      • ‘If you look at the international press the world is praising the Hellenes and repenting for their misguided views.’
      • ‘By 1975, both the King and Queen of the Hellenes and the Greek Line ship Queen Anna Maria would be driven out of Greece - the monarchs by political upheaval and the Queen Anna Maria by financial troubles.’


From Greek Hellēn ‘a Greek’. Compare with Hellen.