Definition of helicoid in US English:



  • 1An object of spiral or helical shape.

    • ‘If the disk's surface curved a lot, the disk could arrange itself only one way - as a double spiral staircase like a helicoid.’
    1. 1.1Geometry A surface formed by simultaneously moving a straight line along an axis and rotating it around it (like a screw thread).
      • ‘One of the clues that a helicoid is an efficient surface and not just an accident is its ubiquity in nature.’


  • Of the form of a helix or helicoid.

    • ‘This new helicoid pin design increases surface area for heat dissipation.’
    • ‘Arthropod cuticle can produce unusual optical effects, analogous to solutions of liquid crystals, resulting from a layered, helicoid structure.’
    • ‘The pin count for that cooler was 371 helicoid pins.’
    • ‘There are helicoid pins fitted into the base, which addresses the heat dissipation weakness of copper.’
    • ‘Molecules may knit together to form helicoid surfaces, emblems of stable energy states.’
    coiled, helical, helix-shaped, corkscrew, curling, winding, twisting, whorled, scrolled
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Late 17th century: from Greek helikoeidēs ‘of spiral form’, from helix, helik- (see helix).