Definition of helianthemum in US English:



  • A rockrose of the genus Helianthemum.

    • ‘They also created a rock garden of local sandstone planted up with helianthemums and dwarf shrubs.’
    • ‘Helianthemum tends to be more compact with a stiffer, straighter appearance to the stems.’
    • ‘Today the gardens are rich in helianthemums, dwarf shrubs, rare magnolias and hybrid rhododendrons.’
    • ‘I never thought of using helianthemums as cascaders but sounds like a great idea for shorter cascades.’
    • ‘More importantly, the work will allow for the native rock roses, or helianthemums, to flourish, creating a more abundant food source for the Durham Brown Argus butterfly, which is making a come-back in this area through careful management of the ecology locally and the warming of the climate generally.’
    • ‘One of my favorites would be sunroses, helianthemums, but those may not be hardy for you.’
    • ‘More additions to the site will be coming soon including comprehensive guides to the cultivation and maintenance of Helianthemums.’
    • ‘Rock roses, however, and sun roses (helianthemums), are among the oldest and also the best.’
    • ‘Keep heathers, lavenders, helianthemums and spireas from getting straggly by shearing them back in summer after they bloom.’
    • ‘I already have quite a few of those, but apart from the helianthemums, things are either blooming sparsely or not at all.’
    • ‘Shearing back after the initial bloom flush (as one would do with helianthemums) should result in additional flowering.’
    • ‘They look especially good combined with all the yellows and golds of autumn, an effective contrast in color and shape to sunflowers and helianthemums.’
    • ‘And in their season, they all produce flowers - white or pink carpets of thymes, crowds of yellow, button-like flowers on santolina, while helianthemums open fresh, silky-petalled flowers each day, in all shades from white, through pink to orange and red.’


Modern Latin, from Greek hēlios ‘sun’ + anthemon ‘flower’ (because the flowers open in sunlight).