Definition of heinously in US English:



  • See heinous

    • ‘As it is, she is a heinously idiotic breeder who rather unfortunately chooses to be photographed next to horses she resembles.’
    • ‘A junkie knows he's entering into something that's so heinously antisocial that it's going to cut him off from everybody.’
    • ‘The most common misconception about the sport of triathlon is that you have to be ‘hard-core’ to do it, and that the distances for the swim-bike-run event are heinously long.’
    • ‘Fact of the matter is, that such heinously perverted acts bring out, in one way or another, the animal inside everybody whether it's the perpetrator, the victim, the prosecuting authorities, the political groups or the general public.’
    • ‘But she immediately began to wonder whether or not Rob had other plans for the evening, a plan that obviously included a bottle of heinously expensive champagne.’