Definition of hegemonize in English:



  • Subject (a population, region, process, etc.) to a dominant political or social power.

    ‘globalization hegemonizes and controls the urban as well as rural poor’
    ‘Britain's rulers were quite prepared to aim at hegemonizing the Americas’
    [no object] ‘colonialism sought to hegemonize through a process of acculturation’
    • ‘Furthermore, political and civil rights of minorities need to be as much respected as those of the vociferous majority which has hegemonized the state.’
    • ‘What if the powerful countries where these corporations are based make use of the power of these corporations to hegemonize, to colonize by another name?’
    • ‘There is never any occasion for colonial arrogance or Eurocentrism or hegemonizing the discourse of the Other, for being judgmental or elitist.’
    • ‘The Labour Party hegemonised much of the left, talking left in opposition and draped with the slogans of CND.’
    • ‘Since the anti-Euro arguments have been hegemonised by the racist and nationalist right, it was never going to be possible for a small new party to frame the argument differently.’
    • ‘Liberal persuasion is nothing but a distorted communication and acceptance of the views of those who have the power to hegemonize in the realm of knowledge/power.’
    • ‘There are movements that clearly have a leftward dynamic even when hegemonised at first by neoliberal leaders.’
    • ‘In a hegemonized social order, prevailing socioeconomic and political arrangements are widely viewed as just or tolerable; in effect, dissipating potential opposition.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the party that has hegemonised the left vote for almost a century in America has nothing to offer on these issues.’
    • ‘The vested interest groups brainwash and hegemonize mass consciousness in the name of their parties or religion to keep them dormant/depoliticized.’
    conquer, vanquish, defeat, crush, quell, quash, gain mastery over, gain ascendancy over, gain control of, bring under the yoke, bring to heel, bring someone to their knees, overcome, overpower, hegemonize
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