Definition of Hegelian in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the German philosopher Hegel or his ideas.

    ‘the Hegelian conception of the state’
    • ‘His Hegelian standpoint assumes a more explicitly poststructuralist slant in chapters 4 and 5.’
    • ‘He comments that this seems directly to challenge the Hegelian ideas that were central to Abraham Mendelssohn's way of thinking.’
    • ‘But art history with its Hegelian roots has long been multifaceted and tensive; its dissonance is its strength.’
    • ‘This is the truly Hegelian aspect of Odysseus, the idea that he must deny his identity in order to preserve it.’
    • ‘Margaret may be viewed as Coleridgean/Hegelian in her desire for reconciliation, a creative synthesis of antithetical types.’


  • A follower of the ideas of the German philosopher Hegel.

    ‘the early Marx was a Hegelian’
    • ‘But I try to prove that, without being aware of it, he was actually a Hegelian.’
    • ‘Nearly all of Marx's writings between 1841 and 1848 are concerned with a line-by-line critique of his fellow Hegelians.’
    • ‘Let us for the moment take the state in the extended sense which the Hegelians assign to it.’
    • ‘At the end of the nineteenth century, the leading academic philosophers, both in America and Great Britain, were largely Hegelians.’
    • ‘I never understood people who called themselves Kantians or Hegelians, I was a strange mix of both.’