Definition of hefty in English:



  • 1Large, heavy, and powerful.

    ‘a hefty young chap’
    • ‘The walls are pleasingly solid, and the doors hefty wood, with two between the bedroom and the corridor, a boon for light sleepers.’
    • ‘A hefty and bulky taxi pod slammed onto the docking lane from their right through another open gate.’
    • ‘The book is a hefty volume of 549 pages, which is pretty massive, especially for an opening book.’
    • ‘My theory is that his wheelchair was lifted off the transporter pad by a couple of hefty young officers.’
    • ‘Piles of comics and bagels litter the top of a hefty dining-room table not far away.’
    • ‘Well, this massive tome is hefty enough to be a table in its own right.’
    • ‘His role as an American warrior in feudal Japan meant long days in bulky armor swinging a hefty sword.’
    • ‘I am inundated every day with hefty, couriered packages telling me about the new Disney release or the next big thing out on EMI.’
    • ‘Quite surprisingly it looks extremely nice, and while quite hefty feels extremely solid.’
    • ‘We piled off the bus at dusk, just as a hefty man on a scooter pulled up.’
    • ‘I never got into fights since I was fairly hefty, which was fortunate since I've never really been able to handle the idea of hitting people.’
    • ‘Leon says people on the road need to treat their laptops as if they were hefty, bulky wallets.’
    • ‘Now there was a fellow as tough as a maddened bear - a hefty, red-haired chap with a voice as strong as his muscles.’
    • ‘He picked up his hefty, metal sword and cast it upon his heavy, muscular spine.’
    • ‘Picture the scene, you step out into a new city, tired, uncomfortable and carrying a hefty suitcase - what you need is a helping hand to find your way.’
    • ‘The dog was young but was nevertheless half again as hefty as Big Daddy.’
    burly, heavy, sturdy, strapping, bulky, brawny, husky, strong, muscular, large, big, massive, weighty, solid, well built, solidly built, powerfully built
    heavy, weighty, bulky, leaden, big, large, substantial, massive, ponderous
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    1. 1.1(of a number or amount) impressively large.
      ‘a hefty 10 million’
      ‘hefty Christmas bonuses’
      • ‘And if they won the council would face hefty legal costs.’
      • ‘While some programs do cost a hefty amount, most are on the lower end.’
      • ‘Consequently we now face a hefty vet's bill and a very unhappy young dog who cannot be exercised.’
      • ‘The long cork, heavy expensive bottle and hefty price tag indicate that the winemaker and UK seller are impressed with this wine.’
      • ‘Yesterday, I actually did a hefty amount of proper studying.’
      • ‘Naturally, this meant a hefty amount of foreign travel.’
      • ‘The Indian exchequer makes hefty investments in education and training these highly skilled migrants.’
      • ‘A hefty amount had clearly been invested in the initial splash of publicity, yet when we walked in we were literally the only diners.’
      • ‘I finally decided to splurge on the grilled salmon, offered at a hefty $18.’
      • ‘A disabled car owner has been left with no transport and a hefty bill after vandals sprayed his car with a corrosive substance.’
      • ‘In 1997 the government paid out hefty sums to war veterans, a move that was blamed for putting a strain on the country's economy.’
      • ‘The Peking speciality dish costs a hefty £13 for half a duck and £7 for a quarter, but is well worth the money for a treat.’
      • ‘In an attempt at capitalising on this parental anxiety, many private institutions come out with packages that carry a hefty price tag.’
      • ‘Young drinkers' drinks of choice are excluded from the hefty taxation increases in this bill.’
      • ‘Scientists at Hull University have landed a hefty grant to study the economic implications of switching to renewable energy sources.’
      • ‘We have been left a legacy of ugly, vacant and derelict land and also a hefty financial burden to clean it up.’
      • ‘Investigators are predicting more guilty pleas and hefty settlements.’
      • ‘But companies also have to pay hefty state or city taxes.’
      • ‘A hefty number of you responded that you'd only do it if someone taught you.’
      • ‘It may be paying a hefty amount to the people who actually steal these prints and copy them, but even that amount would not be too substantial.’