Definition of heelflip in US English:



  • (in skateboarding) a maneuver in which the front heel is used to manipulate the board during a jump in such a way that it completes a sideways rotation before landing.

    • ‘He did reel in a fat heelflip straight over and a frontside heelflip varial 50-50’
    • ‘You like to do the heelflip a lot?’
    • ‘I could do a 180 heelflip over a median, that's what I'd do in front of girls.’
    • ‘Thought for sure that Omar would win with heelflip frontside airs, Madonnas, roll in to lip slides and a huge bag of other tricks.’
    • ‘I was doing double nollie heelflips on flatground.’
    • ‘He does pressure flip 50-50 nollie double heelflips.’
    • ‘Some tricks to consider next are kickflips, heelflips, backside 180s, and frontside 180s.’
    • ‘People start cheering as Shaun starts to do his heelflip.’
    • ‘I learned how to do pressure flips, but I could already do inward heelflips and it's pretty much the same thing, except you can pop and inward heelflip high.’
    • ‘He had a switch front board down the rail, and an inward heelflip up the Euro-gap.’
    • ‘Glifberg's final run included a frontside heelflip, alley-oop 540 to a McTwist, capped off with a nosegrab switch kickflip.’
    • ‘It takes some skill, but not necessarily as much as it takes to do a 360 flip nose-slide nollie heelflip out or something.’
    • ‘He did a three-foot-out kickflip and full-Cab heelflip, both without grabbing his board.’
    • ‘Remember the other day when you did the heelflip varial off the bump?’
    • ‘Before anyone knew it Sven threw down a varial heelflip, and no later rolled away from that switch heelflip the double set was itching for.’
    • ‘That was where Cole realized that he could also do fakie heelflips over spine ramps.’
    • ‘You know this thing is just itching for a switch heelflip.’