Definition of hedger in US English:



  • See hedge

    • ‘It's not the hedgers stopping the gold advance.’
    • ‘His parents were hedgers and ditchers and brought up their son to the same occupation.’
    • ‘Similarly, because the contract specifies a New York Harbor delivery location, many unleaded gasoline long hedgers will exit the market prior to the expiration month.’
    • ‘Today, virtually all major producers, refiners, cash traders, and end-users hedge and/or contract with hedgers to manage risks.’
    • ‘By selling such instruments and transferring the risk into their own books, banks are risk hedgers and traders - with a view to making a profit.’
    • ‘Tending to be high risk, high return investment tools that remain largely unexploited in investment strategies, warrants are also an attractive option for speculators and hedgers.’
    • ‘For example, in 1997 hedgers were responsible for bringing an extra 470 tonnes ‘supply’ to the table.’