Definition of hedgehop in English:



  • no object , with adverbial of direction Fly an aircraft at a very low altitude.

    • ‘You should have hedge-hopped, then maybe they would have left you alone.’
    • ‘For 20 minutes, he hedge-hopped trees and brush.’
    • ‘We hedge-hopped with the local along the parallel road, taking several photographs between stations.’
    • ‘The plane is ‘capable of launching precision attacks while hedge-hopping, and making long-distance assaults at altitudes above 10,000 meters ’, the sources were quoted as saying.’
    • ‘He was punished for hedge-hopping.’
    • ‘He flew more than 40,000 miles, hedge-hopped from camp to camp and from city to city, lived the life of an Army officer in dozens of dusty airports, flew to the front with American pilots, heard from their own lips their stories of combat as they stepped from bullet-scarred planes.’
    • ‘It had then hedge-hopped for several minutes at an altitude of less than 100 metres before landing.’
    • ‘The first attack as a result of this intelligence came on 9 September, when 4 planes hedge-hopped for fifteen minutes across the border in poor visibility.’
    • ‘One group of personnel accompanied the aircraft as they hedge-hopped across country, and the other that proceeded through to California.’
    • ‘Three helicopters were hedge-hopping their way towards the river.’