Definition of hectically in US English:



  • See hectic

    • ‘Now, looking at the horrendous pictures on television and participating hectically in the local efforts, it seems just a matter of chance that one survived.’
    • ‘This worry was not allowed to disrupt the hectically demanding pace of his reading tours, however, for his progress up and down the country was dependent on the relative efficiency of the railway.’
    • ‘The fact that she is pressurised and hectically busy is no excuse, and the usual tribal claims that she is brilliant at her job should not be weighed in the balance where her wisdom - if not probity - is in question.’
    • ‘Everything else is going fine, fine, fine - but hectically so, as I'll say time and time again.’
    • ‘Right now, though, I'm somewhat hectically getting caught up on the rest of my life, such as it is.’