Definition of Hebraist in US English:



  • 1A scholar of the Hebrew language.

    • ‘And Gill was probably the greatest Hebraist of the 18th century (before the rise of ‘higher criticism’) and staunchly defended biblical inerrancy, and only very rarely pointed out textual problems.’
    • ‘Likewise modern scholarship has translated Matthew back to Hebrew and discovered puns there which disappear in Greek (I'm no Hebraist, so don't ask me).’
    1. 1.1 A student or adherent of the Jewish religion, culture, or character.
      • ‘He was a professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he had a German Ph.D., he was a committed Zionist and Hebraist, and he was ritually observant.’
      • ‘Thirdly, as a function of this intimacy, the Hebraist, unlike the Hellenist, may occasionally even challenge God.’
      • ‘He gained a reputation as a literary critic, historian, and ardent Hebraist.’
      • ‘We also have, in the middle ages, the phenomenon of ‘Christian Hebraists.’’