Definition of heavy sleeper in US English:

heavy sleeper


  • A person who sleeps deeply and is difficult to wake up.

    • ‘I was a heavy sleeper so she'd usually pour water on me.’
    • ‘‘He's an extremely heavy sleeper, so that should be hard,’ Laura said, taping her chin in thought.’
    • ‘The sun, right over her eyes, disturbed the heavy sleeper, and she slowly woke up a bit groggily.’
    • ‘The alarm rings and I know that I must lean over her to shut it off; she is a heavy sleeper and doesn't really care about when she wakes up, anyway.’
    • ‘It forced him to use extra caution leaving and entering his room, for neither were heavy sleepers, but he hadn't been caught yet.’
    • ‘Thankfully the children were heavy sleepers most of the time and they should have at least another 2 hours of sleep.’
    • ‘My mom, dad and brother were all heavy sleepers, so I wasn't in any danger of waking them.’
    • ‘He knew his sister was a bit of a heavy sleeper but the bright flash of the camera could have woken up the dead.’
    • ‘Luckily for them their other cabin mates Brenda and Carrie were heavy sleepers.’
    • ‘So I get out of bed - good thing Max is a heavy sleeper - and get online, and I quickly turned up this.’
    • ‘For heavy sleepers, there are sonic boom alarms, and one even has a ‘bed shaker’ attachment that, placed under the pillow or mattress, is guaranteed to wake the soundest sleepers.’
    • ‘Luckily for the both of us, my parents were heavy sleepers.’
    • ‘I tried that but you're such a heavy sleeper… I'd hate to get on your wrong side.’
    • ‘Mark, on the other hand, was a very heavy sleeper.’
    • ‘Your family must be heavy sleepers not to hear the body hit the floor.’
    • ‘The alternative - to have the dogs sleep in the car - isn't so great, since Millie still gets up a couple of times in the night, and I, a heavy sleeper, might not hear her if she's not next to my head.’
    • ‘Jack was always a very heavy sleeper so to wake him up in the morning I would put on his MP3 player extremely loud.’
    • ‘Me, I'm always second to wake up because Nicole is such a heavy sleeper.’
    • ‘I was afraid you'd be a heavy sleeper and I'd have to drag you outside or something.’
    • ‘Jack was a heavy sleeper, but the bone-jarring blast of thunder was so close and deafening, that for a moment he feared the house had been struck.’