Definition of heavy metal in US English:

heavy metal


  • 1A type of highly amplified harsh-sounding rock music with a strong beat, characteristically using violent or fantastic imagery.

    • ‘Before I had went to bed last night he was blasting some heavy metal rock music.’
    • ‘It will appeal to fans of all rock and heavy metal bands, and will also stock some items of interest to goths.’
    • ‘A huge horror fan, he also likes heavy metal music and plays guitar in a band.’
    • ‘This means hardcore fans of British heavy metal can finally get some respect.’
    • ‘It is a psychedelic homage to the band's heavy metal roots in the early years.’
    • ‘Arnett viewed adolescents' preference for heavy metal music as being related to alienation.’
    • ‘Another family of Goths - heavy metal fans who wear entirely black outfits - lay side by side in their five-man tent.’
    • ‘Around me, hard rock and heavy metal and elaborate rap music mixed and blared into one loud noise in these streets.’
    • ‘There was a computer, posters of heavy metal bands, clothes scattered on the floor, and the scent of cologne.’
    • ‘The two play rough, loud, drunken heavy metal fans, with little or no interest in gainful employment.’
    • ‘Contained herein is a list of female members of heavy metal bands.’
    • ‘I don't think any heavy metal band even plays 28 different notes total in a concert.’
    • ‘So you have this heavy metal band, right, and they split up acrimoniously.’
    • ‘They have been smart enough to roll with the changes while staying true to their hard rock and heavy metal tunes.’
    • ‘In fact, fans of gangsta rap or heavy metal are often more timid and shy than other kids, he says.’
    • ‘The darkness, not to mention the immaturity, seems an essential element for heavy metal bands.’
    • ‘I woke up to the sounds of rolling thunder banging on my eardrums like some heavy metal band.’
    • ‘We are being invaded by hard rock, acid rock, punk rock, new wave, and heavy metal music under the guise of religious rock and roll.’
    • ‘We've convinced everyone that we're one of the best heavy metal bands in the world, we don't know how we did it.’
    • ‘The first band was heavy metal, and a substantial mosh pit grew out from the center of the room.’
  • 2A metal of relatively high density, or of high relative atomic weight.

    • ‘Important heavy metals emitted by traffic and industry are lead and copper.’
    • ‘The herbs showed no evidence of contamination by heavy metals or fungi.’
    • ‘In a number of investigations authors have suggested and provided evidence for the adsorption of heavy metals onto the surface of iron plaques.’
    • ‘A potential issue arises from the fact that some fish may also contain relatively high levels of toxic heavy metals.’
    • ‘The slow growth rate is thought to enhance the absorption of heavy metals like copper and cobalt from sea water.’
    • ‘The north of the region is known to contain large deposits of uranium and heavy metals, and the south has copper and oil.’
    • ‘It is especially effective in removing heavy metals from the body such as mercury and palladium.’
    • ‘I have seen the treatment in various stages, and I think that it works to rid the body of mercury and other heavy metals.’
    • ‘Toxic wastes can include such material as heavy metals or radioactive material.’
    • ‘For example, tobacco plants can absorb heavy metals, mercury, copper, and lead.’
    • ‘Coal-burning power plants release large amounts of heavy metals, such as mercury.’
    • ‘Contamination with lead and other heavy metals is also a possible danger.’
    • ‘Incineration of waste fuel oils without abatement leads to a massive increase in the emissions of heavy metals, especially nickel and vanadium.’
    • ‘Of course, the technique will eventually be expanded to other heavy metals as well.’
    • ‘Despite improvements in emission levels, incinerators still pump out dioxins, heavy metals and acid gases into our atmosphere.’
    • ‘Because they are poisonous, heavy metals are sometimes referred to as toxic metals.’
    • ‘Severe corrosion may occur in neutral solutions of salts of heavy metals, such as copper, iron and nickel.’
    • ‘They also evaluated its ability to stem soil and groundwater contamination by nutrients and heavy metals.’
    • ‘Other fish caught around the once heavily industrialised coasts of Scotland have been found to contain large quantities of heavy metals.’
    • ‘For shallow soil contamination, heavy metals can be stabilized in place.’


heavy metal

/ˈhevē ˈmedl//ˈhɛvi ˈmɛdl/