Definition of heavy lifting in US English:

heavy lifting


  • 1The lifting of heavy objects.

    • ‘He noted the patient could not return to work at that time and could not perform any heavy lifting or overhead work in respect of housekeeping and/or home maintenance activities.’
    • ‘Don't do any heavy lifting or vigorous exercise during the first week after the operation.’
    • ‘He also asked if I'd been doing any heavy lifting that might have caused the bad back.’
    • ‘They found that heavy lifting initiated inflammatory processes that caused destruction of joint cartilage and actually inhibited its reconstruction.’
    • ‘It took me less than five minutes to do all this my first time out, and required no heavy lifting.’
    • ‘Just one word of advice, Dave: don't expect them to do any heavy lifting.’
    • ‘But hauling creatures up from depths as much as 2 kilometres below the surface involves some heavy lifting.’
    • ‘Mobility is extremely difficult for her and heavy lifting almost impossible.’
    • ‘The work was physically very demanding, and involved frequent heavy lifting.’
    • ‘They were lazy girls who wanted easy jobs with no heavy lifting.’
    • ‘The rotation we prescribe alternates heavy and light lifting, but it also has some heavy lifting every training day, so that your muscles are never able to become complacent and take a break from growing.’
    • ‘No matter where I'm playing, I need a bit of help with the heavy lifting and I find it harder and harder to enlist sympathetic help from standers-by, receptionists etc.’
    • ‘It typically involves one to three nights in the hospital and no heavy lifting for six weeks.’
    • ‘I dove under and let the heat engulf me and sooth my muscles that still ached from the lack of sleep and heavy lifting I had done yesterday.’
    • ‘Also avoid any heavy lifting as this weakens the pelvic muscles.’
    • ‘Dominic had barely ever done any heavy lifting in his life and he had had no reason to, until now.’
    • ‘After working her whole life indoors without any heavy lifting or dirty work, Meg was miserable cleaning out after horses.’
    • ‘I already told you, doctor says no heavy lifting!’
    • ‘Schedule heavy lifting or shoveling until cooler hours when possible.’
    • ‘While no men live on the island, some are hired by the women to perform difficult tasks such as heavy lifting and ploughing, so the women are not totally isolated from the opposite sex.’
    1. 1.1 Hard or difficult work.
      ‘the heavy lifting in this business is in designing external distribution systems’
      • ‘She was at home, working hard like any other black woman, making Christmas for her family, but also doing some heavy lifting on her extraordinary novel Love.’
      • ‘Why do Americans have to do all the heavy lifting?’
      • ‘This late night catering is a time-honored tradition among corporate lobbyists looking to suck up to the folks doing the heavy lifting on legislation affecting their clients.’
      • ‘Coats deservedly earned a reputation for being someone who avoided heavy lifting during his time in the Senate, confirmed by his time as Ambassador to Germany.’
      • ‘We can't rely on them to think for us; we have to do the intellectual heavy lifting ourselves.’
      • ‘Shortly after signing the bill, the President headed off to South Carolina for some heavy lifting fund-raising for Republicans in three states.’
      • ‘Wilson says once that heavy lifting is done, an additional 40 percent of E-mails can be handled via autoresponse.’
      • ‘An awful lot of other technical heavy lifting has migrated over there already, and I'm having trouble coming up with arguments about how we're immune.’
      • ‘This movie wants to be a breezy, fun adventure with almost no heavy lifting, but you kind of need the ‘fun’ part for that to work.’
      • ‘Arnold's talk involved no heavy lifting; he merely sought to assure conservatives that he was the genuine article.’
      • ‘Or, put another way, the way things are going, the secretary is carrying out foreign policy chores while the national security adviser is doing the heavy lifting.’
      • ‘So child labor is a problem that requires constant, determined heavy lifting.’
      • ‘It took a lot of backroom heavy lifting and hand-holding in Congress on our part.’
      • ‘This means that the processor on the server has to do some heavy lifting.’
      • ‘Reaching global harmony is going to take some heavy lifting, however - which is where people like Hamra come in.’
      • ‘These comparatively minor crimes are much easier for jurors to understand than securities fraud or insider trading, and they don't require nearly as much heavy lifting to prove.’
      • ‘He looks like he'd rather be speaking less, and maybe that's why he leaves so much heavy lifting to Freeman in voiceovers.’
      • ‘But if a continent is serious about being a fortress, it also has to invite one or two poor countries within its walls, because somebody has to do the dirty work and heavy lifting.’
      • ‘The campaign itself has to belong to you and me - we have to do the heavy lifting along with him, using his candidacy as leverage for building a new, national, populist party with an organized grassroots base.’
      • ‘But really, how much heavy lifting is Australia going to be engaging in?’