Definition of heavy hydrogen in US English:

heavy hydrogen


  • another term for deuterium
    • ‘Each one carrying deuterium banks with over eighty tons of heavy hydrogen.’
    • ‘In essence, all one needs is to arrange for ions of a heavy isotope of hydrogen, say deuterium, to be accelerated by an electric field so that they strike a target also containing a heavy hydrogen isotope.’
    • ‘Instead, they rely upon heavy hydrogen - deuterium and tritium isotopes - as their ‘fuel.’’
    • ‘At these temperatures the heavy hydrogen would become a plasma, a ball of sub-atomic particles which would fuse to become helium and a shower of neutrons and a supply of heat.’
    • ‘In both sets of experiments, the researchers used chilled acetone in which hydrogen atoms had been replaced by deuterium, or heavy hydrogen, which fuses more readily than ordinary hydrogen does.’