Definition of heavy-lift in US English:



  • (of a vehicle) capable of lifting or transporting extremely heavy loads.

    ‘a heavy-lift helicopter’
    • ‘In his various Congressional appearances, Griffin has made it clear that he is a strong proponent of developing some kind of new heavy-lift launch vehicle.’
    • ‘The U.S. won that initial race to the moon mainly because American engineers mastered the task of building a heavy-lift rocket, and the Russians didn't.’
    • ‘Mr Gray, who has close links to the military, said the life of the Hercules heavy-lift transporters could be set for an extension under plans by the manufacturer.’
    • ‘In his presentation, Shank didn't say what kind of heavy-lift vehicle NASA preferred to develop.’
    • ‘India is developing its own heavy-lift launcher to send communications satellites into desirable orbital slots 35,786 kilometers above the planet.’
    • ‘While nothing like this is now on the drawing board, there are other possible uses for a heavy-lift vehicle.’
    • ‘However, the debate over such designs misses one key point: developing a new heavy-lift vehicle could be the least desirable step NASA could take if it wants a sustainable, affordable exploration program.’
    • ‘The idea behind this concept is to evolve the existing shuttle system into a heavy-lift launch vehicle that is approximately as powerful as the Saturn 5.’
    • ‘Rescue and salvage ships render assistance to disabled ships and provide towing, salvage, diving, fire-fighting, and heavy-lift capabilities.’
    • ‘In an emergency, heavy-lift aircraft would fly the submarine and support equipment to an airport close to the sunken submarine, and the rescue system would be transferred to a suitable military or commercial vessel at a convenient port.’
    • ‘They include affordable heavy-lift capacity, advanced power and propulsion, closed-loop life support, and in-situ resource utilization.’
    • ‘The soldier once again dove for cover, this time behind a heavy-lift machine.’
    • ‘Also, there will be a very important role for medium- and heavy-lift helicopters to provide responsive, in-theater logistical support to units that are maneuvering at depth through contested terrain.’
    • ‘‘Establishing and maintaining these services wasn't easy as all equipment had to be flown in by heavy-lift helicopter,’ he said.’
    • ‘The president's new vision for space proposes a ‘Crew Exploration Vehicle’ and a new heavy-lift vehicle.’
    • ‘Moreover, there are many who think that we need to replicate that era even more by developing a grossly heavy-lift vehicle, like the Saturn V, to get there.’
    • ‘The EU lacks heavy-lift aircraft, attack helicopters, fighter/ground attack aircraft, and unmanned drones, and has to rely on American spy satellites for basic intelligence.’
    • ‘Allison, however, believes that a heavy-lift vehicle would cost far more: perhaps $20 billion to develop and $1 billion per launch.’
    • ‘Most of the cost estimates for developing a new heavy-lift vehicle range from $6 to $12 billion.’
    • ‘The Department of Defense has six heavy-lift helicopters to support urban search and rescue capability and to support those task forces.’