Definition of heavy-footed in US English:



  • Slow and laborious in movement.

    ‘the whole occasion could resemble a heavy-footed hippo dance in mud’
    • ‘He is too heavy-footed to handle speed, can't slide laterally and has to be conscious of his inside help.’
    • ‘Movement is suggested less by the heavy-footed dancers than by the writhe and flamboyance of the composition.’
    • ‘He can be made to look a bit heavy-footed in defence, at times even slow.’
    • ‘Out here, just because the government says something is true doesn't make it so, and the heavy-footed federal presence during the five-year manhunt didn't help matters.’
    • ‘Two squeaky-shoed and heavy-footed audience members demonstrated their passion for 20 th-century classical music by stomping out in the break after the first movement.’
    • ‘While Tanek was limping so heavily it was as if Valeska was watching a badger, ward the wolves away by its heavy-footed trot.’
    • ‘The two fine goals against Denmark were a proper reward, but he terrorised the heavy-footed German defence too.’
    • ‘Actually he is not so much slow as a little heavy-footed.’
    • ‘Haydn, even if marginally heavy-footed, is always a party for your ears and woefully underrated in this country.’
    • ‘And I can hear the clump clump clump of the three posh post-university flatsharing chums thumping about their flat upstairs, slamming doors, shouting to each other and walking heavy-footed across my dream-flat.’
    • ‘And visitors can be very heavy-footed when they're used to houses.’
    • ‘The ballad ‘Angel’ is earthy and heavy-footed, but has a tired grace that rescues it from what could've become cement shoes.’
    • ‘David heard a series of thumps as the heavy-footed Cath made her way down and back up the basement stairs.’
    • ‘A hypocritical, pompous, cowardly and sanctimonious bully, Carp makes his heavy-footed way through life completely blind to his own faults and acutely aware of the faults in others.’
    • ‘A middle-aged woman with stiff, wood-colored curls all over her head was advancing on her, marching in heavy-footed determination.’
    • ‘Development of the worldwide web carries on at such a pace that heavy-footed government can never keep up.’
    • ‘No less relevant is that it is much more difficult, when he is picked in the midfield, for opponents to play on the fact that he can be a little slow and heavy-footed on the turn.’
    clumsy, awkward, blundering, bumbling, lumbering, shambling
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