Definition of heavy-duty in English:



  • 1(of material or an article) designed to withstand the stresses of demanding use.

    ‘heavy-duty rubber gloves’
    • ‘At the entrance to the gallery an upright, abstracted figure, smoothly curved, sat atop a heavy-duty steel truck spring.’
    • ‘This is where the heavy-duty plastics and polymers come into play.’
    • ‘Use a heavy-duty detergent or wax remover to dean this strip.’
    • ‘If the stain refuses to budge, soak a heavy-duty paper towel with straight peroxide laying the towel on top of the stain.’
    • ‘It is a heavy-duty steel unit that can be taken apart for cleaning.’
    • ‘But the real treat was the bathroom - heavy-duty marble with a sunken bath.’
    • ‘That evening, a number of witnesses saw Morris, who very rarely removed his neck chain, wearing a heavy-duty gold chain.’
    • ‘We vacuum-seal it in these heavy-duty food bags to remove air and we seal it in a PVC tube that protects it physically.’
    • ‘Casey Lotton of Minnesota builds some great heavy-duty tomato cages.’
    • ‘They actually were able to digest these heavy-duty poisons, no residue, no nothing.’
    • ‘Saturate a couple of heavy-duty paper towels with white vinegar or the Orange Citrus Cleaner.’
    • ‘Use heavy-duty glue or staples to attach the mirrors to a wide satin or velvet ribbon.’
    • ‘We built this heavy-duty water cart to haul milk replacer to our 60 calf huts.’
    • ‘If Askins were to catch the bullets with a baseball mitt, he would have needed one made of heavy-duty steel.’
    • ‘Linen was also used for fire hoses, parachute webbing and heavy-duty canvas.’
    • ‘I'd put all my stuff into two heavy-duty trash bags, everything I owned.’
    • ‘And when he removed it, he found it wasn't a hunting pellet but a heavy-duty steel bullet.’
    • ‘Be sure to have plenty of heavy-duty paper plates that don't buckle and spill when they're piled high.’
    • ‘Arm yourself with a generous supply of heavy-duty trash bags and empty boxes.’
    • ‘Well, they have backup oxygen not only for the passengers but also a very heavy-duty oxygen system for the crew up front.’
    long-lasting, hard-wearing, heavy-duty, tough, resistant, strong, sturdy, stout, sound, substantial, imperishable, indestructible, made to last, well made, strongly made
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    1. 1.1informal Intense, important, or abundant.
      ‘she did some heavy-duty cleaning’
      • ‘Having sturdy torque wrenches and sockets that won't fail under heavy-duty usage is also very important.’
      • ‘It was right in the middle of my first legitimate dose of medical school - heavy-duty anatomy and physiology.’
      • ‘That said, it's not a heavy-duty stressful book, but a pleasant read.’
      • ‘I do most of the game design (script code), and Josh does the heavy-duty tech stuff.’
      • ‘For all its heart-thumping glory, it can also come with a heavy-duty helping of awkwardness and anxiety.’
      • ‘The interior is full-on velour and heavy-duty plastic.’
      • ‘They're billing this as a dark, intense work, so get ready for some heavy-duty dance.’
      • ‘This match was as heavy-duty as a Czech dumpling.’
      • ‘But having said all that… sometimes you just don't need the heavy-duty stuff for the work at hand.’
      • ‘I saw a doctor this morning about my chest and sinus congestion and she prescribed some pretty heavy-duty cough syrup.’
      • ‘But here we shot the final stuff first, all the heavy-duty stuff, and then went back to the beginning.’
      • ‘We would expect that at say, Oxford Circus, Bond Street or Euston this would have to be amazingly heavy-duty stuff.’
      • ‘Thoughtful and never to be rushed, each sentence can build into heavy-duty discussion of energy renewables just as easily as into gentle self-mockery.’
      • ‘These chips are specifically designed for the heavy-duty math in science and engineering.’
      • ‘Like Wi-Fi, there will be users who demand it, and heavy-duty email users will want the speed it brings to writing messages.’
      durable, strong, resilient, resistant, sturdy, rugged, firm, solid, substantial, sound, stout, indestructible, unbreakable, hard, rigid, stiff, inflexible, toughened
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/ˈˌhevē ˈˌd(y)o͞odē/