Definition of heathenish in US English:



  • See heathen

    • ‘A further description of Baker's performances was: ‘brazen-faced, heathenish dances… which, if permitted, are likely to provoke riots’ .’
    • ‘Confronted with such evidence, it would have been understandable if Europeans had looked at tobacco as so inextricably entwined with heathenish practice that they would want nothing to do with the plant.’
    • ‘Tobacco's use in heathenish and healing rituals eventually would be replaced by its use in civilized medicine.’
    • ‘I am trying to save the children of God from the heathenish ways of the Devil.’
    • ‘After the sermon they formed a ring, and with coats off sang, clapped their hands, and stamped their feet in a most ridiculous and heathenish way.’