Definition of heat sink in US English:

heat sink


  • A device or substance for absorbing excessive or unwanted heat.

    • ‘The arctic ice cap will be gone or nearly gone, turning the icy reflective northern ice cap into a massive heat sink of water.’
    • ‘The expanding universe is quite an effective heat sink.’
    • ‘You can install a larger fan and a spreader to force more air through your heat sink, and maybe cut down noise at the same time.’
    • ‘The newer 3D cards can generate a terrific amount of heat, and should have a heat sink and possibly a fan mounted on them.’
    • ‘Cooled soil under a building serves as a heat sink.’
    • ‘Every computer contains a device known as a heat sink.’
    • ‘I also appreciated the aesthetics of the heat sink.’
    • ‘The clip on the heat sink is also a bit of a downfall.’
    • ‘Cooling towers, though ominous looking, are a quite conventional technology that allows us to use the atmosphere as a heat sink.’
    • ‘The Flower Cooler comes with a fan that attaches to the case itself rather than the heat sink, and hovers a centimetre or so above the fins to ensure maximum airflow.’
    • ‘By transporting the commodity in a box that had a heat shield rather than a heat sink, it had been possible to do away with the need for refrigeration and storage at low temperatures.’
    • ‘Either way, the gauze, acting as a heat sink, removes the thermal energy from the system so that the temperature above or below it is not sufficient to ignite the gas.’
    • ‘The regenerator is connected to a heat source and a heat sink that causes the helium to expand and contract.’
    • ‘The most familiar, of course, is the lowly heat sink / fan combo most of us hear when we power up our PCs.’
    • ‘Once ionised, the molecules will flow across the surface of the heat sink from the positive to negative electrode, cooling the surface.’
    • ‘Each company uses the same basic method to cool its PCs: custom-designed heat pipes and a case that acts like a big heat sink.’
    • ‘The heat sink may be configured to be removable and replaceable.’
    • ‘Judging by the small size of the heat sink and fan on the processor, this is a fairly cool running processor.’
    • ‘If the mounting mechanism for those devices is not very sturdy, the heavy heat sink can still fall off because the mounting mechanism breaks off.’
    • ‘It is almost as effective as the thermal paste at helping heat transfer between the heat sink and the processor.’