Definition of heat lightning in US English:

heat lightning


  • A flash or flashes of light seen near the horizon, especially on warm evenings, believed to be the reflection of distant lightning on high clouds.

    • ‘The first single from the new album, ‘10: 1 ‘, confirms a sea change: Where the atmospheric debut laced cloudy melodies with quiet traces of heat lightning, ‘10: 1 ‘is a crashing thunderbolt.’’
    • ‘A heat lightning storm blew up that night, and the lightning set a tree near their house on fire.’
    • ‘The dazzling display of heat lightning given prominence on August 12 soon yielded to photo-coverage of the arson that swept through Los Angeles' poverty-stricken terrain.’
    • ‘I sat out and watched a spectacular display of heat lightning while the warm wind roared in the treetops.’
    • ‘When they would go into the cloud, you could see flashes like heat lightning.’
    • ‘But that didn't stop the rage I felt from flowing over, didn't stop blinding white anger from flashing across my field of vision like heat lightning.’
    • ‘Charleston is a seductive, sensuous place, shimmering with an eroticism like heat lightning.’
    • ‘It's called heat lightning because it is seen more frequently on hot summer nights when the sky overhead is clear.’
    • ‘I think it may have been heat lightning.’
    • ‘The fire was blamed on heat lightning, as there was some flashing before the maze race began.’
    • ‘Sometimes heat lightning can appear to be orange.’
    • ‘There is a line in one of his poems saying that flashes of heat lightning are ‘like deaf and dumb demons conversing with each other.’’
    • ‘Highlights included an evening heat lightning storm, and running into my friend later in the night.’
    • ‘Nature was offering us a freaky show of heat lightning and we stared at the sky for a while, entertained by nothing more than streaks of electricity bolting through the air.’