Definition of heat haze in US English:

heat haze


  • An obscuration of the atmosphere in hot weather, especially a shimmering in the air near the ground that distorts distant views.

    • ‘Then, her body stared to shimmer, as if in a heat haze.’
    • ‘Her body runs through a series of disorientating waves; from a distance she looks to be shimmering in a heat haze, or in an act of disappearing.’
    • ‘The air itself, despite the heat, was unnaturally clear all the way to the horizon, where it broke up into a shimmering heat haze.’
    • ‘After an hour we saw the horizon broken by a line of bushes, looking through the heat haze like a mirage.’
    • ‘McLennan weighs in with The Statue, a blissful melody decorated with guitars that shimmer as though slowly emerging from a heat haze.’
    • ‘The sun shone, the water glittered, and a fine heat haze shimmered over the distant shoreline.’
    • ‘Theo and the little girl were now little more than two indistinct specks shimmering in the heat haze, a mirage that was beginning to flicker and break up.’
    • ‘Each day the heat haze shimmered in the distance, distorting the path of the road.’
    • ‘Then suddenly out of the shimmering heat haze, they loom into sight on the horizon and it was worth the 5-year wait.’
    • ‘Everything was shimmering before my eyes, like being in a heat haze.’
    • ‘As they stumble on, hoping for salvation in the form of an oasis or something similar, they suddenly spy, through the heat haze, a tree, off in the distance.’
    • ‘It looks like solidifying dust, shimmering in the heat haze.’
    • ‘You could see the cars stream by in the distance, silently eating into the heat haze of horizon, but you knew no one gave our little oasis a second look.’
    • ‘It was the Guest House, seen in the wavering heat haze up on its hillside, and at that distance it looked quite romantic, rather like an Eastern palace, with the pointed arches and a couple of minarets at the back.’
    • ‘The heat haze shimmered like a migraine over the sun-parched lawn.’
    • ‘The next morning dawned bright and clear - a mild cold front had pushed out the heat haze and we were at the airport early.’
    • ‘He squinted up at the sun, which was burning bright and brassy now, and climbing the side of the sky; and he looked at the road, long and dusty with a heat haze just starting to shimmer.’
    • ‘He did not like the weather that day, a heat haze hung over the water and made the view of the islands waver and melt before his eyes.’
    • ‘For the previous several hours we had caught fleeting glimpses of the faint outline of a range of mountains shimmering through the heat haze that obscured the horizon.’
    • ‘The sun was already high in a cloudless blue sky, a heat haze shrouded the surrounding mountains.’


heat haze

/ˈhēt ˌhāz/