Definition of heat death in US English:

heat death


  • A state of uniform distribution of energy, especially viewed as a possible fate of the universe. It is a corollary of the second law of thermodynamics.

    • ‘Learned readers will recall sadly that the end times are now upon us, and those of you still constrained to linear dimensions will most likely perish in the ensuing heat death of your universe.’
    • ‘Then in the 19th century along came steam power, and the universe was then depicted as an enormous heat engine, or thermodynamic machine, running down toward its heat death.’
    • ‘Objectively, the earth's going to roast in about 4 billion years when the sun starts to run low on fuseable hydrogen and expands into a red giant, and will eventually freeze with the heat death of the universe.’
    • ‘So many times over the last few weeks I have thought of something which I really want to talk about here but by the time I am sat down in front of the PC, all of it has become just rapidly dissipating energy in the heat death of the Universe.’
    • ‘He describes how the universe might die a heat death, and also argues that it may be possible that a big crunch will occur instead.’