Definition of heartwood in US English:



  • The dense inner part of a tree trunk, yielding the hardest timber.

    • ‘They're a nice, knot-free heartwood, meaning that there's no outer layer of sapwood on it.’
    • ‘Decayed heartwood may sufficiently weaken trees enough to increase ice and wind mortality.’
    • ‘A heartwood is the wood from the center of the tree, the area around the center carries the sap in the tree and is called sap wood.’
    • ‘The essential oil is found in greater abundance in the roots and heartwood of mature trees, which necessitates felling.’
    • ‘The two oldest individuals at Caffey Hill both contained decayed heartwood, so stand maximum ages exceeded these values.’
    • ‘From the central heartwood to the outer bark it was as solid as a rock - thick healthy wood through and through.’
    • ‘Their decay-resistant heartwood is highly valued for construction, and logging in Sequoia National Forest has gone on for over a century.’
    • ‘Rays radiate from the centre of the trunk, and the heartwood - the inner rings - differs from the outer rings, which are called the sapwood.’
    • ‘The straight-gained hardwood has a light to dark brown heartwood tinged with yellow or green.’
    • ‘The older-growth heartwood is very resistant to decay, but the lumber from young trees that are harvested too soon has a lower level of decay resistance.’
    • ‘The relative amounts of heartwood and sapwood in a flooring batch may affect the way it accepts stain and finish and, therefore, the finished appearance of the floor.’
    • ‘Construction Common, Deck Common, Merchantable Heart and Merchantable are knotty garden grades of redwood and offer a colorful mix of sapwood and heartwood.’
    • ‘Only light wood was included in these samples; the chemistry of dark heartwood or disease-stained wood is known to be quite different from light wood.’
    • ‘The traditional yew bow of Europe acted as though it were a composite bow, as it was preferably made of a section of yew taken where the sapwood and heartwood joined.’
    • ‘This is a branch of heartwood, it will serve you better than any other weapon, use it well.’
    • ‘In the inner heartwood, these bodies were rarefying and cell walls became impregnated by a brown colour.’
    • ‘Because the redwood used years ago came from very old trees, most of the lumber produced was heartwood from the center of the tree, which is disease and rot resistant.’
    • ‘B Grade is similar to B Heart except that it permits sapwood as well as heartwood.’
    • ‘Choose Construction Common or Deck Common redwood, grades with pleasing blends of heartwood and sapwood, for a long-lasting and economical deck.’
    • ‘In the space frame, struts are made of peeler cores - the thin cylinders of heartwood remaining on the lathes after their long blades peel off plywood veneers from logs.’